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Pet-friendly apartment decor: Useful insights for those planning to buy an apartment in Ideal Exotica, New Alipore Kolkata

Blog / March 30, 2024

As an animal lover, the mere thought of sharing your living space with pets brings an unmatched sense of joy and fulfilment. The company of pets is known to bring about a sense of contentment and happiness that few other things can match. Whether it’s the gentle purring of a cat or the playful wagging […]


Why do premium residential communities such as Ideal Exotica feature well-equipped gyms?

Blog / December 21, 2023

An active lifestyle with plenty of physical exercise is key to ensuring better physical and mental health. To encourage such a lifestyle and boost fitness of residents, many real estate developers include well-equipped gyms in their luxury communities or projects. Such a choice not only benefits residents but can also add value to a property […]


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