Ideal Group Associates and Partners



  • Architect Hafeez Contractor – Undoubtedly one of the best architects in the country today and ranked 42nd among the most influential people in India by ‘India Today’ in the year 2004.
  • Sanon Sen & Associates – Renowned architects of Kolkata who are the success factors behind numerous prime properties.

Landscape Architects

  • Site Concepts International Pte. Ltd., Singapore – Portfolio includes some of the most beautiful resorts in South East Asia.
  • LSG Landscape Architecture, USA (Landscape Consultants)


ideal group consultants - jw consultants llp

JW Consultants LLP (Structural Consultants)

Ideal Consultant - Consulating Enginner

MEP Consulting Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services Consultants)

Ideal Consultant - Building Envelop Specialist

BES (Structural Consultants)

En3 - Green Building Consultants

En3 (Green Building Consultants)

Ideal Consultant - S. N Joshi Consulatants Pvt Ltd

M/s S.N. Joshi Consultants Pvt. Ltd., Pune (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Services Consultants), Mr. Sutanu Ghosh of M/s Ghosh & Bose Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata (Environment Impact Assessment Study)

Ideal Consultant - Studio Dra

Studio Dra, UK (Consultants for Interiors)


  • Saha & Ray
  • Utpal Majumdar
  • R. Ginodia & Co.
  • Fox Mandal


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