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Why do premium residential communities such as Ideal Exotica feature well-equipped gyms?

An active lifestyle with plenty of physical exercise is key to ensuring better physical and mental health. To encourage such a lifestyle and boost fitness of residents, many real estate developers include well-equipped gyms in their luxury communities or projects. Such a choice not only benefits residents but can also add value to a property for realtors. Ideal Exotica also includes a distinct space for a modern gymnasium with all of the necessary amenities and equipment. Here, we share why well-equipped gyms have become an important amenity for residents in premium communities.  

  1. Health-conscious lifestyle
    People have become a lot more aware and conscious about their health and well-being. From following a balanced diet to engaging in physical activity daily, individuals try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Even real estate developers have recognised this growing trend of integrating fitness activities in daily life. So, when trying to make premium residential communities an attractive package of modern facilities and amenities, they need to include spaces for exercise.
  2. Adding to the value of the property
    In case of premium residential communities, every added facility increases the market worth of the apartments within that complex. So, by equipping the community with a gym, the real estate developers can up its market value and increase its demand. Also, homeowners feel more comfortable investing in properties that gives them easy access to all of the necessary amenities for their healthy lifestyle.
  3. Convenience and accessibility
    In today’s busy lives, it can be difficult to find time to travel to the gym. However, it becomes much more convenient to visit the gym and exercise regularly when the facility is within one’s complex premises. Not only does it eliminate the need to commute to outside gyms, residents can also become much more consistent with their workout routines. A resident with an exceptionally busy schedule can choose to workout during any of their free time, whether in the early morning or even late at night.
  4. Community engagement
    Gyms are not only great places to promote physical activity and fitness – they can also be a place to develop a sense of community amongst the residents. Like-minded individuals trying to achieve a shared goal of physical and mental well-being can connect with each other. They can form a bond and help each other to excel when working out within the gym. The sense of community that is developed within the gym also translates to a close-knit community outside. These social connections can ensure that the complex residents form a cohesive unit and find the necessary support throughout their health journeys.

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Explore Ideal Exotica in Kolkata. The luxurious residential community is located in New Alipore, which is one of the top localities in the city. Spread out across 230 cottahs, our project is home to 3 BHK, 4 BHK, Duplex and Triplex apartments. Our community is also equipped with all of the modern and premium amenities one could desire. Besides the well-equipped gym, the complex also has an edge pool, indoor badminton court, pool tables and much more. The project is certified green building by the IGBC and there is plenty of greenery to be found within. If you are interested to know about Ideal Exotica flat price or Ideal exotica floor plan, contact us.    


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