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Pet-friendly apartment decor: Useful insights for those planning to buy an apartment in Ideal Exotica, New Alipore Kolkata

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As an animal lover, the mere thought of sharing your living space with pets brings an unmatched sense of joy and fulfilment. The company of pets is known to bring about a sense of contentment and happiness that few other things can match. Whether it’s the gentle purring of a cat or the playful wagging of a dog’s tail, the presence of pets can truly be a blessing. But, creating a stylish home that caters to both your aesthetic preferences and your pet’s needs can feel like a challenge. With a little planning and some clever design choices, you can transform your apartment into a pet paradise that’s both functional and beautiful. If you are planning to buy an apartment in Ideal Exotica, New Alipore Kolkata, here are some of the useful insights on pet-friendly apartment decor: 

  1. Let’s face it, pets love to snuggle on furniture. While leather may seem like a luxurious choice, it can be easily scratched by claws. Opt for stain-resistant fabrics that are easy to clean. Consider using slipcovers for sofas and armchairs – these not only protect your furniture from accidental messes but can also be easily removed for washing.
  2. Pets come with a lot of stuff – toys, food bowls, leashes, and more!  Keeping these items organised is crucial for maintaining a clutter-free and aesthetically pleasing environment. Buy stylish cabinets or baskets to designate storage areas for your pet’s belongings. This not only keeps your apartment tidy but also makes it easier to find what you need when playtime beckons. Woven baskets or ottomans with storage compartments can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your living room.
  3. If you share your home with a feline friend, consider using vertical space. Wall-mounted shelves, cat trees, and strategically placed scratching posts create a stimulating environment for your cat to climb, explore, and perch. This allows them to express their natural instincts while keeping them off your furniture and curtains. 
  4. Adding houseplants to your apartment can instantly liven up the space and add a touch of nature. However, be mindful of your pet’s safety.  Research and choose pet-friendly plants. These plants pose no danger to your furry companions and can add a touch of vibrant green to your pet paradise. If you’re unsure about a plant’s toxicity, it’s always best to opt for a different variety. 
  5. While creating a stylish space, remember the importance of pet-proofing your apartment. This includes covering electrical cords with cord protectors, securing loose items that could be knocked over, and keeping harmful cleaning products and medications out of reach.  Taking these precautions ensures a safe environment for your pet and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries.
  6. Don’t forget to add some personal touches that show your love for your pet! Include a cosy pet bed in a comfortable spot, a stylish food bowl that complements your decor, or even a framed photo of your furry friend. These small details personalise your space and create a truly pet-friendly haven.

By following these tips, you can create a pet-friendly apartment that is not only functional but also stylish and reflects your personal taste.  Remember, a happy pet means a happy home, and with a little planning, you can achieve a harmonious balance between your needs and your furry companions.

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