Design trends for commercial interiors by Ideal unique centre kolkata

Blog / April 25, 2023

Commercial spaces are slowly transcending from traditional styles to contemporary designs. The interiors are planned and designed in a way that maximises practicality with innovation. The new design trends take into account factors such as employee health, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability, in addition to practicality. The latest designs also feature multifunctional spaces, gathering spots, and […]

Why do Kolkata’s best apartments promote community activities?

Blog Real Estate Market Trend / March 6, 2023

As social creatures, humans thrive on social interaction and connection with others. Socialisation also plays an important role in emotional and psychological well-being. Positive social interactions, such as exercising together or participating in social activities can reduce anxiety, stress and improve overall well-being. Hence, most residential complexes in Kolkata promote community living. Community living inculcates […]

What is biophilic design? Useful Biopilic Design by Premium Residential Project Kolkata

Blog Residential Projects Tips / March 3, 2023

Biophilia is the inherent human inclination to affiliate with nature. The concept of biophilia has been applied in various fields, including architecture and interior design. When it comes to incorporating biophilic design in a home, concepts such as green roofs, living walls and large windows that let abundant natural light enter indoors are commonly used. […]