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Understanding the rise of new real estate projects in Kolkata

Kolkata stands as one of India’s leading metropolitan centres, experiencing rapid economic and infrastructural growth over the years. This has resulted in an increased demand for housing in the city due to urbanisation. If you are planning to purchase an apartment in one of the new real estate projects across the city, it’s essential to understand the reasons behind this high demand. Here, we share some useful insights into the rise of new real estate projects in Kolkata:

Economic transformation:

One of the primary reasons for the growing trend of real estate projects in Kolkata is its ever-expanding economy. The city is home to several IT and ITES giants that have strengthened this sector. Increased employment opportunities in this sector have prompted many to leave their rural ancestral homes in search of residences within the city. The higher demand for housing from this expanding workforce has been a boon for the real estate industry operating in Kolkata.

Infrastructure development:

Continuous infrastructure development has also facilitated the expansion of real estate projects within the city. For instance, the development of new metro lines to enhance connectivity across different localities, coupled with the construction of several flyovers, has improved traffic flow. Enhanced connectivity has also helped real estate developers to explore neighbourhoods that were previously inaccessible.

Changing demographics and preferences:

Over time, the demands and preferences of Kolkata residents have evolved. Today, there is a greater demand for housing projects that incorporate green and open spaces. There is also a demand for various amenities within housing complexes, such as banquet halls, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and more. Such demands have fueled the real estate industry, encouraging developers to create modern living spaces that prioritise luxury and contemporary lifestyles.

Compact living spaces:

The increase in the number of nuclear families has allowed Kolkata’s real estate industry to efficiently utilise compact spaces for apartment construction. These spaces do not compromise comfort or aesthetics but promote the development of more projects due to their smaller footprint

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