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How to choose the right 2BHK flat for your family?

A 2BHK flat in Kolkata is perfect for small families or couples who do not require large living spaces. These apartments come with two bedrooms, a hall, and a kitchen. Choosing the right 2BHK apartment involves not only looking at the square footage and aesthetics but also various other factors. Here, we share some useful insights to help you understand the process of selecting a 2BHK flat in Kolkata.


Family needs and planning:

  • Current family size: You need to consider how many members of your family will stay in the apartment. If you have young children, keep in mind whether they will require separate rooms in the future.
  • Future plans: If you plan to have more children, you also need to consider this when opting for a 2BHK flat. In these cases, a flat that offers flexible space for future extension would be best for you.


Space and layout:

  • Compact living: Since the square footage is limited, 2BHK flats should maximise the space. So, you need to look for apartments with maximum space utilisation. This can help you avoid feeling too cramped.
  • Living areas: An open living and dining area can help with family meals and gatherings.
  • Storage solutions: Built-in cupboards and balconies can help manage clutter in a smaller flat.


Location and amenities:

  • Safety and security: Security is one of the biggest concerns when opting for a flat. Make sure that the apartment is within a gated community and that there are security guards patrolling the premises at all times.
  • Proximity to essentials: You also need to take into account the distance from your apartment complex to the nearest schools, hospitals, shopping centres, cinemas, and more.
  • Community living: Amenities such as parks, playgrounds, or community centres can provide recreational spaces for families.


Budget and legalities:

  • Finances : Make sure that the 2BHK apartment you choose is within your budget. Do not overstrain your financial well-being to opt for more expensive options. Also, while considering the budget, make sure you factor in the registration expenses, stamp duty, and other costs associated with property purchase.
  • Legitimate builder: You should also check whether the builder of the apartment complex is genuine and licensed. Check the requisite documents to ensure transparency and clarity.


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