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Planning to buy a residential property in Kolkata? Check these useful insights on mutation certificate

Also known as ‘Dakhil Kharij,’ a mutation certificate is a legal document that is maintained by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) . When you buy a residential property in Kolkata, obtaining a mutation certificate is important. This certificate confirms that the title of the property is now under your name. Essentially, it serves as an official record, verifying the change in ownership of the property. Here, we discuss some of the useful insights in mutation certificate:

1.Why is mutation certificate important?

  • Proof of ownership: The mutation certificate assigns the property to your name and you can use this legal document to establish claim over the said property. Without a valid mutation certificate, it can be extremely difficult to prove that the property rightly belongs to you in case of disputes.
  • Property tax payment: The mutation certificate has specific information about the property that is essential when calculating its property taxes. Such information ensures that you pay accurate amount of property taxes. So, without a mutation certificate, you may face issues while clearing property taxes.
  • Inheritance and succession: If a property is inherited, the new owner needs to furnish the original mutation certificate for smooth transfer of ownership. Otherwise, the process can get convoluted and highly time consuming.
  • Resale and mortgage: Whether you plan to sell or mortgage the property, the mutation certificate is mandatory for these transactions. The buyer would want to verify the mutation certificate to establish that the property ownership is clear and not contested.
  • Land conversion: If you have a residential property and want to apply for a conversion in land use by making it a commercial property, you need the mutation certificate. In the absence of the certificate, you might run into regulatory hurdles along the application process.

2.How to 0btain a mutation certificate in Kolkata?

To obtain a mutation certificate for a real estate property in Kolkata, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Application: You need to submit a properly filled up mutation certificate application form to the KMC, along with the fees. You can download the online form from the KMC website or the Central Records Section in the CMO Building.
  • Document verification: Along with the application form, you must attach essential documents. These include:
  • A No Outstanding Certificate from the Assessment Collection Department
  • Identity proof
  • Sale deed
  • Property tax receipts
  • And other relevant documents

Missing any document can cause delays in the issuance of the mutation certificate.

  • Publication of notice: After receiving your mutation application, the KMC will post a public notice to invite objections or claims from other parties who have a valid and legal say in the property transaction. The notice is displayed for only a specific period, If no objections are raised within this predetermined period, the mutation certificate is issued.
  • Collect the certificate: Once the certificate is issued, you need to collect the same from the KMC. While collecting the certificate, always double check all of the details. This should help you to spot any errors and get it rectified immediately.

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