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Apartment living with kids: creating a family-friendly environment

Blog / May 30, 2023

Living in an apartment with kids can bring about its own set of challenges. Nevertheless, with a sprinkle of creativity and strategic planning, transforming a small apartment into an enjoyable and fulfilling living space is entirely feasible. As one of the leading real estate companies in Kolkata, we share some of the valuable tips and […]

Apartment safety tips for solo dwellers by Ideal Aurum Kamalgazi

Blog / May 29, 2023

Living alone comes with freedom and independence. You have the freedom to make choices regarding your home décor, create your own routines, and enjoy the solitude of your personal space. However, it’s important to acknowledge that with this independence, you also bear the sole responsibility for ensuring home security and personal safety. If you are […]

The serenity of hillside living: Useful insights by Ideal Hill View Guwahati

Blog / May 26, 2023

Hillside homes have become increasingly popular due to the stunning views they offer and the exclusivity they provide. Hillside living also enables homeowners to enjoy a rural lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Living amid hills offers a literal breath of fresh air, allowing homeowners to revel in the magnificence of […]


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