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How to choose between a ready-to-move-in flat, under-construction flat, and resale flat

Making a decision between a ready-to-move-in flat , under-construction flat, or resale flat in India can be a challenging task. Buyers must carefully evaluate several factors, such as their specific requirements, urgency, affordability, and location preference. In the current real estate market, each type of flat has its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following factors before making a choice:


A ready-to-move-in flat is a complete project that is up for immediate possession. They have received or are close to receiving the certificate of completion and you can see the actual flat. These flats tend to be slightly more expensive than other categories of flats because there is no ambiguity about the hand over.

In contrast, under-construction flats are less expensive than readymade apartments. They take some time to be completed; though there is a specific handover date, you cannot be sure of exactly when you will get possession of the flat. This uncertainty can affect the final cost of the unit. Also, there are provisions for paying in phases—the buyer pays as construction proceeds and the final payment is made when the project is complete.

Of the three options, resale flats are typically the most affordable. This is because these flats are usually sold by the current owner and may show signs of ageing, such as scraped paint and the need for repairs.


This factor is directly related to your level of urgency in acquiring a property. In ready-to-move-in flats, the construction is complete, the legal procedures are in order and there is more transparency in the contract. The period between choosing a ready-to-move-in flat and actually actually moving in takes about 2 to 3 months.

In case you are flexible with the time of moving into a new home, you can look for under construction flats. These flats are expected to be ready for possession in a few months or years depending upon the progress of construction. Buyers need to pay a certain booking amount for these flats.

If you need to find a home within a specific budget quickly, a resale flat can be a good option. However, it is important to ensure that all legal formalities are taken care of, and the flat is free of any disputes or obligations.


No matter the type of project you choose, it is important to consider its location. If you have already decided on a ready-to-move-in flat, you must have already looked at the location of your choice.
If you are looking for an under construction flat, then you might want to decide the location early on. You need to consider the accessibility of the flat from public places such as hospitals, schools, railway stations and proximity to the main roads. Usually, under construction flats are found in new and developing areas.
Resale flats on the other hand will be a good choice if you have already decided your preferred area or location of residence.

Legal checks

Legal checks include different factors such as land use certifications, occupancy certifications, title deeds, property tax and NOC, to name a few. In case of ready-to-move-in flats, these certifications and documents have to be verified and double checked to avoid discrepancies and misunderstandings in the future.
For under construction flats, you need to check the following documents: project approval, buyer-builder agreement and proof of construction quality. As a buyer, you need to ensure that all the agreements and certifications are in place.
In case of resale flats, you should verify different documents including:
No-Objection Certificate (NOC) to ensure that the society has no objections to the sale and transfer of the property.
Encumbrance Certificate so that there are no liens or mortgages on the property.
Tax Clearance Certificate to ensure that all property taxes have been paid.

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