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FAQs on buying flats in Kolkata

Buying a flat in Kolkata is one of the biggest financial investments that you will probably make. Hence, it is important to be prepared. Taking time to do your homework before selecting a flat can save you money and stress in the long run. Researching interest rates and loan types and finding the right type of financing are some factors that you must consider. Also, you can ask for support from professionals in the industry. You can also refer to industry-related content such as books, podcasts, blogs and articles to make an informed decision. If you are looking for information on buying flats in Kolkata, here is a useful read:

Here we discuss some of the FAQs on buying flats in Kolkata:
Question 1: What are some of the important factors to check before buying a flat in Kolkata?

Budget: Before selecting a property, you need to set a budget. Having a realistic budget makes it easier to shortlist an apartment that meets your needs as well as financial goals.
Property price: Look for a flat that is within your budget. Research the present real estate rates in the area and compare it with the quotation that your developer has offered.
Carpet area: The carpet area of a flat is the actual area within the walls of the flat. The super built up area of a flat that is usually listed everywhere includes shafts, elevator space, stairs and the thickness of walls.

Question 2: What are some important tips for buying flats in Kolkata?

Buying the property from a reputed builder: Reputed builders will make residential projects using premium-quality construction materials. Also, they have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that the construction meets the highest standards. Reputed builders also ensure timely delivery of your home.
Legal check of your property: You need to ensure that the building has all the government clearances before you can finally go ahead with the transaction. The developer also needs to have approvals and NOCs from the municipal corporation and other government bodies.
Check the location: People usually select a property which is close to commercial and entertainment centres, educational institutes, hospitals and shopping centres. The location of the property also impacts its market value and the standard of living. High-end residential flats are usually constructed in areas with good connectivity and security. The future and current market value of a residential flat is also dependent upon the local infrastructure around the property.

Question 3: What are the benefits of buying a flat in Kolkata?

Emerging IT Hub: The city of joy is gradually transitioning into a thriving IT hub. Renowned Indian and international IT giants have set up campuses in the city that run into millions of sq.ft. employing lakhs of people. The demand for residential real estate is expected to skyrocket with the increasing number of employees in the coming years. Purchasing a flat in Kolkata now is a sound investment that you can make for you and for your family,
You do not have to pay rent: Individuals who lease an apartment in the city cannot avoid the recurring monthly expense that comes in the form of rent. Sometimes, this rent is also inclusive of monthly maintenance charges that the tenant has to bear. Unless you own a home, rent takes up a lot of your expenses.
Customisation: Living in a rented flat, does not give you the flexibility to customise the apartment. It does not allow much scope for redesign or redecoration that truly fulfils your and your family’s needs and you need to compromise to a certain extent. Buying a flat in Kolkata can offer you the freedom to decorate your home the way you like.
Status symbol: Buying an apartment in the heart of the city is a major milestone. It marks a transition from living in a rented apartment to owning your home. It is a sign of your accomplishment.


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