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Looking for Luxury Apartments in Kolkata? Check these 5 Luxury Decor Trends to Watch out for in 2023

Designing a luxury apartment is a work of art. It requires meticulous planning, attention to detail, and a keen understanding of the design elements that will delight your eyes as well as bring comfort to the space. From the texture and colour to the lighting, every aspect of the decor should be carefully considered to add a pure touch of luxury.

If you are planning to decorate your luxury apartment in Kolkata, you will find a myriad of inspiration from decor magazines and blogs. If it is too overwhelming for you, you can select professional interior designers and work closely with them.

If you are looking for useful insights on luxury decor trends, here is an interesting read.


5 luxury decor trends to watch out for in 2023:


Maximalism: Luxury homes with maximalism at the centre offer a full-on sensory experience that lifts your spirits and offers you comfort. Achieving the modern extravagant look does not necessarily mean cramming the space with too many statement pieces or loud colours. A statement chandelier, oversized plants, ornate rugs, and artful ceramics are some of the ways to add sumptuousness to a space. Maximalism decor, when implemented the right way, has an order and calmness within.
Colour: Luxurious home decor combines vibrancy and harmony. You can add a zest of colour to not only uplift the mood of the room, but also add boldness to it. When selecting the colour palette for your walls, remember that each and every colour affects you emotionally in a different way – so ensure that you select hues that make you feel comfortable and happy. Add solid colours such as green and yellow, to give the rooms an opulent look. You can also select neutral colours as they are impactful. If you have bold coloured furniture or giant plants in the room, going with neutral walls can create a symmetry in the space. Similarly, if the walls have bold patterns or colours, incorporate neutral coloured furniture or art pieces in the space.

Statement pieces: Things of bling are a past. 2023 welcomes bold statement furniture and art pieces to adorn the interiors of your luxury home. Large, chunky pieces of art or furniture can add warmth to a space and they have their own special vibe. You can adorn the walls with asymmetric or abstract mirrors. You can also use vintage coffee tables as they are unique and instantly add character to a space. Many homeowners staying in luxury apartments in Kolkata, also prefer marble statement pieces such as antique marble-topped tables in their bedrooms and large marble vases in their living rooms.

Multifunctionality: What is a luxury home if not the amalgamation of convenience and style. Luxury homeowners are opting for furniture pieces that optimise space and also look glamorous such as: sofa-beds, loft-beds, ottomans, lift-top coffee tables. Latest tech devices that can automate and streamline various chores are also popular with luxury homeowners. In addition to automatic lights and smart home assistants, luxury homeowners are also opting for robotic vacuums and smart security systems.

Statement lighting: Right lighting can not only make your space look aesthetically appealing but also highlight your statement pieces. When it comes to statement lighting in your home, think of cascading lights on staircases, bold chandeliers for the living space and classic or antique lighting pieces with metal and classic wooden lamps for bedrooms.

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