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Design trends for commercial interiors by Ideal unique centre kolkata

Commercial spaces are slowly transcending from traditional styles to contemporary designs. The interiors are planned and designed in a way that maximises practicality with innovation. The new design trends take into account factors such as employee health, aesthetic appeal, and sustainability, in addition to practicality. The latest designs also feature multifunctional spaces, gathering spots, and carefully planned floor plans to increase flexibility and productivity. The new work spaces are designed to increase flexibility and productivity bearing in mind the different changes and trends in digital technology. Following are some of the commercial interiors design trends curated by Ideal Unique Centre:

1.Biophilic design:

Biophilic design has become increasingly popular in recent years. It incorporates the elements of nature into the interiors. This design approach involves elements such as sunlight, water, and greenery to create a cleaner and more welcoming office environment. One simple way to create a biophilic design is to install large windows that allow natural light to enter the space and offer a calming view of the outdoors. Sunlight not only boosts employee health but also creates a positive atmosphere.

Including living walls or indoor gardens can further enhance the visual appeal of the office interiors. Incorporating water features such as aquariums can also amp up the aesthetic appeal of the space and add a touch of serenity to it.

It’s important to use eco-friendly means and materials to create biophilic office design. Also, sustainable elements such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and green roofs can be added to reduce carbon footprint.

2. Flexibility and adaptability:

The pandemic of 2019 has emphasised the importance of being adaptable and flexible in the face of unexpected circumstances. As a result, office spaces are now designed to be more flexible and responsive to business and employee needs. With the growing trend of hybrid or remote work, organisations are looking for spaces that feature flexible furniture and other design elements to accommodate different types of work and collaboration. Such elements enable offices to quickly adapt to changing needs, whether it be downsizing or expanding the workspace.

3. Minimalism:

Minimalism has gained popularity across various industries as a design choice that promotes a clutter-free space, enhancing clarity of thought and relaxation. This design approach emphasises neutral colours, elegant furniture, and simple fixtures to create a sleek and aesthetic office space. To incorporate minimalist elements in an office space, it is essential to avoid adding glamorous decor or bespoke art pieces that can make the space look confined. Instead, one should opt for monotonous colour palettes, geometric shapes, and simple artwork. Another way to achieve a minimalist look is by integrating hidden storage designs such as shelves and cabinets to maintain an organised interior. Incorporating minimalist elements can help create a clean, uncluttered workspace that enhances productivity and promotes a peaceful work environment.

4. Open layouts:

An open office space is designed to facilitate interaction and collaboration among employees from different departments. Over time, traditional office layouts that consisted of cubicles and individual spaces have been replaced by open layouts. This shift in office design promotes better communication and coordination among employees, opening up new pathways for creativity and innovation. By promoting better collaboration among different teams, open layouts can lead to a more dynamic work environment. It also offers greater flexibility in terms of planning and organising, as employees can move around freely in a well-ventilated office space.

5. Sensors and voice assistants:

The integration of sensors and voice assistants has revolutionised office spaces, making them more efficient and functional. With the use of voice assistants, tasks such as scheduling meetings, creating to-do lists, and regulating the office environment’s lighting and temperature can be performed instantly. These voice assistants are widely used across commercial spaces, and with a simple voice command, one can conduct video conferences, attend virtual meetings, and make calls. Additionally, sensors can be integrated into remote-controlled coffee machines and automatic lights to further enhance convenience and efficiency in the workplace. These advancements in technology not only make the office environment more convenient but also more high tech and motivating for employees.

6. Ergonomic office space design:

Ergonomic design is ideal to enhance the functionality of the work space. These designs are incorporated in the office space to improve the productivity of the employees and reduce unnecessary strain on their body. For instance, ergonomic task chairs can help ensure that employees sitting and working for longer hours do not suffer from bad postures or back pain. Similarly, height adjustable desks are ideal for office spaces. Good quality lighting systems reduce glare and do not affect the eyes of the employees.

An ergonomic design in the office space is required to cater to the needs of all employees and improve the work culture. They improve the physical and mental well-being of the employees which positively affects their work outcomes. Office spaces should also include activity arenas such as yoga rooms and pool tables to help employees destress during break hours.

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