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5 things to know about Ideal Group’s real estate projects in Kolkata

If you are looking for a new home in Kolkata, we can help. As one of the leading real estate developers in the city, all of our past and current projects are constructed with the future residents in mind. This results in convenient features, a wide range of modern amenities and homes in the most well-connected locations in the city. Here, we share some of the information on our real estate projects in Kolkata:

1.Prioritising the construction of green buildings

Understanding the pressing need for sustainability, we’re committed to eco-friendly construction practices. This commitment has enabled us to construct over 50 lakh sq feet of green buildings, all of which have been certified or pre-certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Our green building approach isn’t limited to using sustainable materials alone. We’re also dedicated to incorporating other eco-friendly measures, such as waste composting, water harvesting, and solar panels.

2.Open and lush environments

Our properties are designed to offer residents a refreshing experience. Many of our Kolkata properties boast verdant open spaces. Residents can enjoy well-maintained lawns perfect for children’s play or leisurely strolls amidst nature. While urban living often distances one from nature, our properties ensure you’re amidst greenery.

3.Modern amenities and luxurious living

Beyond the living spaces, our properties offer a range of premium amenities. From swimming pools to gymnasiums, each facility enhances the property’s value. Many properties also feature banquet halls, ideal for hosting events and gatherings.

4.Key locations in the city

Our residential projects are strategically located in pivotal areas across the city. From Rajarhat to Sonarpur, each property is positioned for optimal connectivity and accessibility. Moreover, they’re in proximity to essential services like healthcare facilities, shopping complexes, and educational institutes.

5.The history of IDEAL Group’s real estate projects

We are one of the leading real estate developers in Kolkata. We started our operations in 1982 and have since provided homes to thousands of families. Our past and ongoing projects are transforming the Kolkata skyline magnificently. Also, even though we are headquartered in Kolkata, we have offices across pan India. We have also worked on commercial projects. These projects are strategically situated in the city’s prime business zones. Our commercial spaces are designed with a keen eye, creating environments that bolster growth, facilitate collaboration, and set the stage for business success.

Looking for an Ideal apartment in Kolkata?

If you are searching online with phrases such as “Ideal apartment Kolkata” or “Ideal real estate Kolkata”, check our residential projects. Make sure to take a look at both our completed and ongoing projects sections to know more about the properties. Whether you are looking for a small 1BHK apartment for yourself or a bigger space for your entire family, our diverse projects have everything you might need. Located in some of the most pristine neighbourhoods, our properties offer luxury and affluent living in a safe and secure environment.


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